Wish List

Thank you for viewing our Wish List page!  Even though we intend to keep this page updated regularly, if you see an item you’d like to donate, or a volunteer service you’d like to provide, please contact the school to make sure we haven’t already received it.

Office/Staff Room



Old towels

Music CDs

Children’s Books

Sewing Machine

Fabric & Sewing Supplies

Desktop PC


I have created a Small Hands Catalog Wish List for our classroom. The catalog was sent home back in September. Orders are due October 16th. If you would like to make a purchase, we would be very grateful! ☺

  • V427 Finger Knitting Fun Book pg. 18 $22.95
  • V212 Multi-Craft Weaving Loom pg. 19 $29.95
  • Y303 Jumbo Jacks in a Tin pg. 39 $9.95 (would like 2)
  • SC09 Human X-Rays pg. 40 $32.95
  • Y306 Might Mind pg. 49 $19.95
  • Y202 Pattern Play pg. 55 $34.95

Toddler Community

Magnolias: From the Small Hands Catalog, our wish list includes:

D 510 White glass juice set of 6 pieces $ 10.95
A26 white set of paint pots 10 pieces $ 14.95
A22 Natural wood paint brushes $ 8.50

Also, we are looking for:

-Holiday Toddler Books
-Foam soap for washing hands
-Cans of Lysol
-Disinfecting wipes
-Paper dixie cups
-disposable spoons and forks

Thank you!  -Ms. Angy

The Tulips Class is asking for:
– trays with handles
– 4 metal pitchers (for pouring work and to use to serve water during lunch time)
– locks and keys on a board for toddlers 
– 2 memory foam mats

Thank you!  – Ms. Karol


Our classroom has ongoing needs and we’d love to hear from you.


Please ask about our ongoing classroom needs!