Webinar: How to Montessori at Home

Discovery Garden Montessori is proud to present its first ever webinar all about how to “Montessori at home.”

In current times of “Stay at Home” orders, it has become evident that parents and caregivers are looking for effective ways to educate their children at home. Montessori is one of the pedagogies that can be implemented easily at home. Maria Montessori started her pedagogy calling the classroom environment a “Casa di Bambini” or Children House. Home is the best place to start your Montessori experience.

During this 6-week webinar you will learn the three basic ingredients for a Montessori environment to come to fruition: the Child, the Prepared Adult and the Prepared Environment. Each component is critical for a well functioning learning environment.

The Child Area

We will review simple child development timelines and milestones. This will inform you where those children in your care are in development and how to foster their development.

The Prepared Adult

We will spend several of our weeks exploring how parents and caregivers can better prepare themselves for the interaction and relationship with the children in their care. We will go over basic Positive Discipline ideas and techniques.

The Prepared Environment

We will go over the basic materials and objects to have at home. We will also go over how to set up every room in your home, to foster independence, individuality and community in your home.


Dates: Monday, September 28 through Monday, November 2

Time: Monday evenings from 6 – 7:30 pm

Where: this webinar is 100% online

Cost: $250

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About webinar instructor and facilitator:

Cynthia Barraza

Cynthia is the DGMS Head of School and is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. After finishing high school she studied a two year course in Montessori Elementary (6-12) in her hometown, giving her a Diploma accredited by the Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. She then decided to move to El Paso, TX. There she earned a B.A. in Psychology, while working full time as an elementary Montessori teacher at “Montessori in the Orchard” in La Union, NM. When she got married she moved to Atlanta, GA, where she got to work for the Children Protection Services as a social worker. She then moved to Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, where she taught a 6-12 year old elementary Montessori class for another 2 years. She then decided to be a homemaker and mom for a couple of years. When she moved to Springfield in 2009 she got involved with the DGMS project and was part of the founding Board of Directors. Before working for DGMS she used to work on the weekends for Lakeland Behavioral Hospital, where she got to work first hand with the children in the hospital. In August of 2011 she took the Head of School position. She served as our Elementary Directress for two years, and after training to receive her Early Childhood certification from AMS in the summer of 2014, she served as the Primary Directress in 2014-2015. She is a certified parent educator in Positive Discipline techniques. She has a Master’s degree from University of Missouri- St. Louis in Elementary Education.