Summer Camps

DGMS Summer Camps are currently closed for registration!

BUT to get you excited for our next summer of camp, here are the themes from the previous summer:

The Universe – Humans are always mesmerized by the greatness of space. During this week, students will explore basic concepts about space, stars, solar systems and planets. We will have some fun outside representing the size of our solar system.

The Tortoise and the Hare” – This week will be a creative movement focus.. We will be using our bodies and the power of our imagination, to represent this fable. Weather permitting, we plan to have a parking lot performance at the end of the week.

Ocean Life – Much of our Earth is an ocean. What happens in the ocean many times affects our life on land. Children will explore the animals and plants that live in the ocean as well as learning form currents and the big role our oceans have in the wellbeing of the entire Earth.

The Earth: Weather and Climates – Our Earth is a magnificent planet. Our climates can be dry like in a dessert and so wet as in the rainforest. This week we will explore how our weather changes and what causes our climate to be cold or hot. We will also explore the changes of the animals and plants in each area of the Earth.

Jr. Scientist – STEM focused week. During this week children will explore projects involving basic understanding of physics and how things move. They will build with simple craft materials, LEGOS and more. We will also demonstrate simple experiments children can replicate at home, learning about reactions and forces of nature.

Jurassic Park – You guessed it! This week is focused on Dinosaurs and how the earth looked like when they were alive. We will learn about their habitat and behaviors. We will also have some fun with activities and songs that makes us move like dinosaurs. 😉

Let’s Make Music! – This week will be a creative movement focus. Children will be exploring music form different genres and decades. They will be exploring the signature moves of those dances and using their creativity to add some moves of their own. Weather permitting, we plan to have a parking lot performance at the end of the week.

Junior Olympics – This week will be focused on exploring what sports are practiced in any Olympics, the character values an athlete has, and the meaning of coming together as a world community for some friendly competition. On Friday we will have some fun at our Junior Olympics at camp.