Samantha Osterloh

Miss Sam works as an educational consultant in the DGMS Elementary Program. She owns Alphabet Soup, LLC.
Alphabet Soup was created out of necessity. After working in the classroom, in early intervention and in day to day motherhood, Miss Sam realized there was a gap in service providers in our area. We often hear the term “fall through the cracks” when speaking about unique learners. This term can often be used to describe learners that do not meet criteria to receive any form of specialty support or guidance inside or out of the classroom. These kiddos are left to adapt to mainstream education without being guided to their maximum potential.

These learners may be exceptional, gifted, delayed or lacking in self regulation or social skills necessary to feel at home in the educational environment. Alphabet Soup programs provide guidance in a safe, nurturing and academically progressive environment to see our students reach their potential in the least restrictive environment possible. It is our goal to see each of our students succeed in their own Uniquely perfect way.