Bridget Sloniker

Bridget comes to us from Maine where she resided for two years. Prior to that she was an Idahoan for 10 years where she attended the University of Idaho to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a determination to understand the world just a little better.
Earning her TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) degree poised her to research various approaches to teaching. After discovering Maria Montessori’s method she decided to pursue employment as an assistant teacher even if she had to move from the “Land of Lobster and Blueberries.” Bridget has been with us as one of the full-time assistants in the Toddler Community and she grows every day alongside her peers.
Bridget finds immense personal freedom traveling or, the cheaper alternative, with her nose in a book. In her spare time, she studies French and thanks her neighbors while she practices cello.