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December 13, 2020December 13, 2020

Peek of the Week – Dec 7 to Dec 11

Greetings, dear families! The Tulips had a week of fun and exciting happenings! I brought a few new works to class, children are still into numerals, counting and singing, I added a “frog on a log” work, the children can sing the song, work on one to one correspondence; the counting bears work helps them...

December 5, 2020December 5, 2020

Peek of the Week – Nov 30 to Dec 4

Hello Tulips’ Families, We came back to a wonderful week! I hope you will be able to notice the changes we made in the environment. A bigger table and chairs were added to accommodate the needs of older children, the diaper change area was brought much closer to the bathroom (we share a bathroom, so...

November 22, 2020November 22, 2020

Peek of the week – Nov 16 to Nov 20

Greetings Tulips’ Families, It was wonderful to be back for a full week with the children! Everyday there is a lot see. The children keep revealing themselves and the power within them in every opportunity. I enjoyed observing Jack joyfully lining the farm animals on the base of the board and then on top of...

November 15, 2020November 22, 2020

Peek of the Week – Nov 9 to 13

Hello Tulip’s Families I would like to start this post by saying thank you for each one of you for taking the time to meet this week so that we could talk about your child’s progress. I enjoyed sharing what the children are exploring and working. Thank you for your trust πŸ™‚ This week we...

November 15, 2020November 15, 2020

Peek of the Week – Oct 26 to Oct 30

Greeting Tulips’ Families! I would like to start this peek of the week by saying thank you for all your support and generosity. Thank you to theThe Davises for donating a water jug and The Butlers for the mop and glasses (which will be using for fruit prep – I am thinking orange squeezing once...

October 23, 2020October 23, 2020

Peek of the Week – Oct 19 to Oct 23

Hello Tulip’s Families, The next month will be busy, please mark your calendars for the events taking place in the upcoming weeks: Professional Work Day on November 2nd. No school for the children. Parent Teacher conferences from Monday, Nov. 9th to Friday, Nov. 13th. I have sent an email with the slots of time. Just...

October 17, 2020October 17, 2020

Peek of the Week – Oct 12 to Oct 16

Hello Tulips’ Families, Hope everyone made the best of this week! The Tulips sure did πŸ™‚ The children are working on their jumping, walking and balance skills (balance to carry a tray with both hands, a pitcher with water and to walk on the balance beam, which is a new item I’ve included in the...

October 9, 2020October 9, 2020

Peek of the Week – Oct 5 to Oct 9

Hello Tulip’s families, I hope you all are having a great Friday. It is a good day to make it a great day πŸ™‚ Children at young age develop quickly. I have noticed that a few children are enunciating their words more clearly; others are picking up in the spacial order of the class, while...

October 4, 2020October 4, 2020

Peek of the Week – Sept 28 to Oct 2

Hello Tulips’ Families, Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather. It truly feels like Autumn now. This past week the Tulips were into art and table scrubbing. The children are working on watercolor painting – learning how to give soft strokes with the brush on the paper – they have been practicing using the glue...

September 25, 2020September 25, 2020

Peek of the Week – Sept 21 to 25

Hello Tulips’ families πŸ™‚ I would like to thank you each one of you for engaging, serving, giving and loving our community! It truly means a lot when our partnership is that good! I appreciate you! Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Muito obrigada! πŸ™‚ This week’s highlight was The Kids Cafe. You were able to observe...

September 18, 2020September 18, 2020

Peek of the Week – Sept 14 to Sept 18

Greetings Tulip’s Families, I am thrilled for everyone that is able to join us tomorrow! Since we do not see each much during drop off and pick up, I am looking forward to saying hi personally πŸ™‚ This week I’ve made a few changes in the classroom in order to serve the children and the...

September 11, 2020September 11, 2020

Peek of the Week – Sept 8 to Sept 11

Hello Tulip’s families, I would like to start by thanking you for supporting our community. Thank you to the Mattsons and Pinners for helping us prepare the children’s environment. A did a few more tweaks this week and noticed that some children extended their concentration time. Our group enjoys books, things that pound and hammer,...

September 4, 2020September 4, 2020

Peek of the Week – Aug 31 to Sept 4

Hello Tulips’ Families, Thank you to everyone for being attentive to the last post πŸ™‚ This week’s changes of clothes were much smoother! The children keep going on daily walks and we even made it to the garden this week! There is something special about going on walks and being outdoors. Small children are attentive...

August 28, 2020August 28, 2020

Peek of the Week – Aug 24 to 28

Hello Tulip’s Families, I hope this message finds you well. Little by little the children start exploring more and feeling more comfortable in our environment. New habits and routine take time, so don’t be surprised if it takes more than a few weeks for your child to adjust. We trust and follow the child. The...

August 21, 2020August 21, 2020

First week of School – Welcome Tulips!

Hello Tulips’ Families, We made it through the first week of school. The children did so well, I am very proud of them. Yes, there was crying off and on, but overall they all were able to explore, make friends and enjoy school. I witnessed great things and I’d like to share a few: June...