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November 20, 2020November 20, 2020

Peek of Week 11-16-2020

Greetings Daisies, What a beautiful week we’ve had! The students have enjoyed going outside for recess; it has been the highlight of their week.  Gatherings At Gathering this week, we reviewed how to sit at Gathering. When we focus on a specific subject at Gathering, we call it Grace and Courtesy. We work on grace...

November 15, 2020November 15, 2020

Peek of Week of 11-9-2020

Greeting daisies, It was my pleasure to speak with each of my families this week. We are a team helping your wonderful children to be strong independent, respectful members of their community. If you ever have questions or concerns, please reach out; I am here to help. We, as a daisy community, welcomed a new...

November 2, 2020November 2, 2020

Peek of the Week10-26-2020

Hello Daisies!  This week was full of helping hands and kind actions. We saw friends assisting one another in cleaning up. They mopped, swept, and wiped up messes together!  Gathering: In gathering this past week we sang “Five Little Pumpkins.” Your kids know that song by heart now! We will be saving this song until next...

October 23, 2020October 23, 2020

Peek of the Week 10-19-2020

Greetings Daisies,  Hip hip hooray! If you’ve not yet heard the good news, lunchboxes and reusable containers are welcome at Discovery Gardens Montessori again. You may have your students start bringing lunches in lunch boxes and reusable containers, but still no backpacks, please. If you are more comfortable with disposables, feel free to keep sending...

October 16, 2020October 16, 2020

Peek of Week 10-12-2020

Greetings Daisies, I hope you had a wonderful week! Full is upon us. There are beautiful colors all around. You need a coat in the morning, and then by the afternoon, you completely forgot you needed to have a coat on to keep you warm! Our Week In Review:  Your kiddos are appreciating the fall-themed...

October 2, 2020October 2, 2020

Peek of the Week 9-28-2020

Greetings Daisies, I hope you had a wonderful week! Our Week In Review:  As I look over the class this week, I am filled with joy. I see so many friends working on works. Some have practiced before and now are practicing again and becoming a master of that work. This is leading to a...


Greetings Daisies, I hope you had a wonderful week! Thank you to all the parents that came on Saturday to help beautify our school. Also, thank you to the parents that are doing projects at home for the school. We at Discovery Garden Montessori are more than as school; we are a family.  Our Week...

September 20, 2020September 20, 2020

Peek of week 9-14-2020

Greetings Daisies, I hope you had a wonderful week! Our Week In Review:   Another great week is behind us. All were doing new and old works. There were also new friendships being made. I sow kids that had not had anything to do with each other coming together to work and have lunch. That is...

September 11, 2020September 11, 2020

Peek of the week 9-7-2020

Greetings Daisies, I hope you had a wonderful week! Our Week In Review:  As I look out over the classroom this week, I see a hum of activity. I see children washing their hands, matching colors with color box two, putting animal puzzles together, and doing many other works simultaneously. Every child is working on...

September 4, 2020September 4, 2020

Peek of the Week 8-31-2020

Greetings Daisies, I hope you had a wonderful week! Important Reminders:  We are a nut-free school. If you send nuts of any kind with your child for lunch, I cannot allow them to eat them. I would also like to mention that DGMS asks that all sweets (think cookies, chocolate, and sugary snacks) are left...

August 30, 2020August 30, 2020

Peek of the week 8-24-2020

Greeting Daisies, It sure has been a hot one this week, better enjoy it before it is gone and all we have is rain. The Daisies class has been soaking up every minute of our outside time we can handle. Some are even counting down the minutes to when it is time to go out....

August 23, 2020August 23, 2020

Week of 8-27-2020

Greetings daisies, The first week is behind us; we are off and are running. If the first week is any indication of how this year will go, it will be a spectacular school year. The kiddos and I spent a lot of time getting to know one another this week. We have started to learn...