Peek of the Week – Dec 7 to Dec 11

Greetings, dear families!

The Tulips had a week of fun and exciting happenings! I brought a few new works to class, children are still into numerals, counting and singing, I added a “frog on a log” work, the children can sing the song, work on one to one correspondence; the counting bears work helps them to practice the concept that a numeral increases by one. Practical life skills are a whole day activity. Raleigh has been loving to mop the floor, Nell likes to help and feed Noah, and Jack and Dakota have been setting cups on the table for everyone at lunch time. The children are being more engaged in tiding up after nap time, they bring their bags and help place items in it.

The children also had fun as we sang and read the story of Rudolph. We helped them put a little craft of Rudolph together! This coming Thursday we are going to have breakfast together, waffles and berries on the menu 🙂 Plan to offer a light breakfast for your child.

Finally, I had a blast watching the Pete the Cat presentation. Ms. Heather does an amazing job and children nailed it! Thank you for joining us too. Your support encourages us to keep on thriving.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Karol