Peek of the week – Nov 16 to Nov 20

Greetings Tulips’ Families,

It was wonderful to be back for a full week with the children! Everyday there is a lot see. The children keep revealing themselves and the power within them in every opportunity. I enjoyed observing Jack joyfully lining the farm animals on the base of the board and then on top of the shelf as he sang Old McDonald; I I quietly watched Nell lining up small figure dolls and saying “woof woof” and then trying to match with the picture cards, June washed the floor diligently, and Dakota rocked his move at the Pete the Cat filming with Ms. Heather!

During gathering we read “The Red Barn” and “One Duck Stuck”. Children are enjoying rote counting, short countdowns and books with numerals, so I am adding a few more pre-math works to the class ­čÖé

Please note that this week will be a short one, therefore there is not peek of the week.

Next events:

  • November 24th- Grandparents day: HALF DAY┬á┬ádismissal at 12 pm for everyone. Grandparents will observe via zoom and will take a few minutes for the children to say hi and sing a couple of songs,
  • November 25-27th- Thanksgiving Break
  • December 8th- 6:00- Virtual Winter Celebration

Enjoy the photos!

Ms. Karol Diniz