Peek of the Week – Oct 26 to Oct 30

Greeting Tulips’ Families!

I would like to start this peek of the week by saying thank you for all your support and generosity. Thank you to theThe Davises for donating a water jug and The Butlers for the mop and glasses (which will be using for fruit prep – I am thinking orange squeezing once the little hands are a bit stronger)

You know that we have been working hard in guiding the children and setting healthy boundaries. This is week is what I called “the perfect Montessori week” – was it out of challenges? No, not at all. But problem solving happened peacefully, and that’s dear parents, it is a win. We savor these days and think of what children are capable of doing, better said, of who the children are. They are helpful, they are kind, they are generous, and they are curious.

  • A few highlights and observations of this week:
  • Nell trying to serve Noah’s snack. Yes, she was trying to help and didn’t attempt to eat at once 🙂
  • Dakota noticed that there was no more room to paint on the paper, so he simply removed the clothepins from the easel, took the paper (which was big) and turned it to the clean side). Maxxe truly appreciated that as they were painting together.
  • Raleigh showed everyone what is means to be responsible by picking up his work.
  • Jack reading a book after nap
  • June, our role model of politeness! She gracefully thanks us after a diaper change or any sort of help!

The children engaged in activities of Practical Life, Art, and Language. They have been scrubbing tables, washing windows, making bubbles (one of the favorites lately), and practicing opening & closing containers. They are into playing the instruments and we sing “play the … and make a pretty sound” by Ella Jenkins. It helps them notice the sound of the instruments and not only make a loud noise!
I added a push toy to the classroom, it has a milk jug filled with rocks that the children collected. Even though it was enjoyed by all, Dakota, June and Raleigh used it the most.

Now, a few notes on school business:

  • November 2 is professional work day. No school for the children.
  • November 4 is re-take picture day.
  • November 5 – send your child wearing something white for the recording of Pete the Cat – DGMS’s virtual winter celebration led by Ms Heather O’Sullivan.
  • November 9 to 13: parent-teacher conference by appointment. I will sending you the zoom meeting link soon.

Parent-teacher conference

November 9: 3 to 3:30 pm – Mattsons
November 9: 3:30 to 4 pm – Dilisios
November 10: 3:30 to 4 pm – Davises
November 11: 3:30 to 4 pm – Westras
November 13: 2 to 2:30 pm – Butlers 
November 13: 3 to 3:30 – Pinners

I hope you all enjoy the photos!