Peek of the Week – Sept 14 to Sept 18

Greetings Tulip’s Families,

I am thrilled for everyone that is able to join us tomorrow! Since we do not see each much during drop off and pick up, I am looking forward to saying hi personally 🙂

This week I’ve made a few changes in the classroom in order to serve the children and the results were positive. I do not get weary to observe the children’s excitement over the simple things. A new movement / pre-math work was set and it was a success! Dakota, Summit and Jack were especially drawn to it. The pop-up pegs were another hit, the children can’t get enough of watching the pegs pop and a few friends are still studying the material, experimenting with their hands to find out just the right amount of pressure to make the peg pop and not tumble the base. The doctor set in the dress up basket was another inviting work (Thank you, Mattsons!) Dakota walked around with the stethoscope making heart beat sounds, while Nell prefers to wear the construction worker hat and binoculars to look at her peers! Jack recalled the name of a dog breed and the object that represents it after hearing us name it many times! Raleigh sat cozy on the round cushion and listened to me read “Llama Llama Red Pajama” and “Everyone Poops”, June wakes up with the sweetest smile and says “hiii baby Noah” and it is just so kind. Maverick walks around the class and stops at the shelves, then he matches, seriates and stacks materials with such excellence! And Maxee smiles at flowers and was the happiest at lunch time, so much joy that filled the room!

Maria Montessori said: “She (the teacher) will not be watching with the aim of making her presence felt, or of helping the weaker ones by her one own strength. She observes in order to recognize the child who has attained the power to concentrate and to admire the glorious rebirth of his spirit.” – The Absorbent Mind, p.272

So much more happens in our class and I am glad that you will be able to see it on September 23 at our Virtual Kid’s Cafe. Mark your calendars!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the photos!