First week of School – Welcome Tulips!

Hello Tulips’ Families,

We made it through the first week of school. The children did so well, I am very proud of them.

Yes, there was crying off and on, but overall they all were able to explore, make friends and enjoy school. I witnessed great things and I’d like to share a few:

  • June offering the balls to Jack and Noah to play
  • Jack setting up for lunch
  • Dakota with the biggest smile playing with Summit
  • Maxxe, quietly but eagerly trying to peel a clementine
  • Maverick making music with the xylophone
  • Nell, Dakota and June playing with vegetables as I sang “chop-chop-chipty-chop” by Jill Trinka
  • Raleigh savored his pretzels for snack like no other!

On Thursday, the children had their first Creative Movement class with Ms. Heather O’Sullivan. Be ready to start hearing you children singing a lot of fun songs! In the classroom, we sang a few nursery rhymes and the children listened to ‘Palavra Cantada” softly in the background. If you’re curious about it, let me know I can share my favorites songs. I even noticed Summit already trying to sing in Portuguese!

Please, note that you need to create an account here and on Montessori Compass in order to have access to your child’s information about school. Click here for a tutorial for Montessori Compass. I also would like to ask you to send your child’s change of clothes, if you did not. Remember, every time an item goes home, send another on the next day!

Thank you for your support and partnership.

Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful weekend!